Hindi Radio System Wide Hot Keys

Assign System Wide Hot Keys to Control Play back options of Hindi Radio Software.

Easily Control your Hindi Radio Software to Play, Play Next Station Channel, Play Previous Channel, and to Stop by assigning System Wide Hot Keys to Hindi Radio Software.

System Wide Hot Keys means when you press the assigned Hot Key it will work when you are working on other application even if the Hindi Radio is Hidden in the System Tray.

Hindi Radio System Wide Hot KeysDownload Hindi Radio Software now and Start Enjoying FM Radio Stations with many additional features in it.

Assign Hot Keys to Play, Stop, Play Next, and Play Previous Channels by going to Settings Tab of Hindi Radio when you go to Setting Tab the Radio will Stop Playing after you had assigned the hot keys come back to Online Radio Player Tab to Play the Radio.

The Above Screen Shot of Hindi Radio Settings displays the Settings Tab in Hindi Radio Software to assign System Wide Hot Keys.



Assign or Configure Hot Keys and feel easy to Press the Hot Keys to Control Hindi Radio Software easily.