Hindi Radio Software for Free Download

Download this free Hindi Radio Software on your Windows computer and enjoy LIVE unlimited Hindi Music 365 days an year. The Free Download comes without any frills, no credit card / debit card or any registration is required to freely download & use the hindi radio software. The Hindi Radio Software works from system tray and is really easy to use. Just download the hindi radio software and enjoy unlimited hindi music.

The Free Hindi Radio Software requires an internet connection to continously stream hindi songs from online radio stations. The Hindi Radio Software has many channels to select from and can be the most easiest software to use. Just tune into any online radio station from the list and the hindi songs will automatically get streamed to your pc via your loudspeaker. Just like traditional physical radio, you can press keyboard keys to change the radio station, tune into next or previous radio station and enjoy all the hindi music.

The Free Hindi Radio Software can be used on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and hopefully onto Windows 8 as well. The Software comes without any frills, you can stop the hindi radio, tune into any online radio station really easily and freely. Download the Hindi Radio Software for free and enjoy nonstop hindi music on your own computer.